What to see in Rimini and surroundings

Sea place, famous for its tourism and its people, Rimini is also a place for art and culture. TheArco di Augusto you can walk around the course and go through piazza Tre Martiri: in memory of three young partisans, also houses the Roman ruins, the statue of Julius Caesar and the clock tower. Then we arrive in Piazza Cavour, where stands the Teatro Comunale and where can you find the arch of Augustus and the old fish market.

Nearby Piazza Malatesta, where stands the Castle, once surrounded by a wide moat. Other places of interest are the Tiberius bridge, the old Harbor, the surgeon's and Castel Sismondo.

Several also villages to visit in the hinterland of Romagna:

San Leo

Il borgo di San Leo stands on a rock where the highest point stands the imposing Fort, from which you can enjoy a panorama that goes from the Marecchia Valley to the sea. It was the county seat of Montefeltro and capital of Italy, hosted Dante and Saint Francis of Assisi.


The border between the hills of Romagna and Marche, Mondaino is Mount of the deer (or monte di Diana). Is a medieval town, dominated by the Malatesta Castle and famous for the Palio del Daino, medieval-themed Festival that takes place entirely in August and involving the whole country.

San Marino

It rises on Mount Titano to 750 meters high, was independent and ideal for a day of shopping and art. In San Marino you can find different outlets and shopping centers suitable for shopping and sights like the three towers, the Palazzo Pubblico and many museums.


It is located not far from the sea, in a hilly landscape, and is best known for the Malatesta fortress of medieval architecture. Its castle was the site of clashes between families Malatesta, Sforza, Della Rovere and Moscow. For romantics, Gradara is linked to the love story of Paolo and Francesca, recounted by Dante in the Divine Comedy; around the Castle leads the walk of love, route that passes in a small forest, arriving at a park.

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