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The cuisine of romagna

The Hotel Cosmos offers to all its guests dishes based on the most authentic romagna cuisine, handed down from our grandparents who prefers fresh products, seasonal and of the surrounding territory.

Eating is a pleasure, especially in the Romagna, and everything that the Hotel offers Cosmos is always plentiful and good. Also, the strong point of our cuisine is the direct supervision and cured of the De Luigi family. What does it mean? Simple: a high standard of quality for your taste!

Discover the flavors of the

Every day, for both lunch and dinner are served a choice of two menus of meat and fish, alongside a rich and fresh buffet of vegetables: a real cure-all for health!

The menu, which are meat or fish, reflect the typicality of our land, and eat at the hotel Cosmos becomes a journey through the flavours and aromas of Romagna. In the morning, also, we serve a rich breakfast buffet with pastries, jams, biscuits, fruit juices and many other delicacies.

Children's menu

The children at the table are super pampered! For them the flexible hours are essential: eat half an hour before it also allows mom and dad to be more relaxed and to better enjoy the delicious menu served in the hotel.

Are always available for baby food, broths and past perfect for weaning. In addition, the hotel's kitchen is happy to prepare baby menus or menus with the changes requested by the parents according to the needs of younger guests. And then there are high chairs, crockery and cushions to make them feel always comfortable; the children will be treated as true princes!


(...) It offers all the best that a 3-star hotel can offer: breakfast is delicious and abundant, lunch and dinner is always a pleasure thanks to the tasty dishes of the cook, the swimming pool is large, equipped with trampoline and slide, welcomes adults and children for a refreshing break. Andrea, the owner, is very nice always ready to make you laugh but never in defect of seriousness when circumstances require it. (...)

Sandro F - Agosto 2018

Perfect return

We chose to return to the Hotel Cosmos, the same hotel we chose last year. We were able to verify that it was not by chance that we had a good time the year before. Perfect holidays and staff as always efficient and courteous. Great service at meals, plentiful menu and always full of variations. We will return next year. Now we feel at home.

marco_giampiccolo77 - Agosto 2018

Celiac person? No problem!

We stayed at the Hotel Cosmos in Rimini for a few days at the beginning of September 2018. The staff was courteous and attentive to the customer. The room was very clean, like the rest of the hotel. With us there was a celiac person, we were really satisfied, both for the welcome, that for the kitchen, taken care of in detail, even for the celiac person. Definitely to return. Recommended for all ages. (...)

promemoria68 - Settembre 2018

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