The Cuisine Of Romagna

Traditional kitchen

The region of Romagna at the table! Here's what the hotel has to offer the Cosmos: offers theauthentic cuisine of romagna, that of our grandparents and the most authentic tradition.

The restaurant is then mirror the true hospitality of romagna are: genuine, generous, sincere.Eating is a pleasure, especially in the Romagna, and everything that the hotel offers Cosmos is always plentiful and good. In addition, the value of their kitchen is the direct supervision of the property from the inside: everything that we offer is cared for by the De Luigi family. What does it mean? Simple: a high standard of quality for your taste buds!

The sea and the Mountains

Every day is served a choice of two menus, meat and fish, alongside a rich and fresh buffet of vegetables: a real panacea for your health!

Discover the flavors of the

The menu, which are of the earth or of the sea, reflect the typicality of our land. And eating at the hotel Cosmos becomes a journey through the flavours and aromas of Romagna.

Children's Menu and hours felssibili

The kids are our heroes, and at the table are super pampered! For them the flexible hours are essential: eat half an hour before it also allows mom and dad to be more relaxed and enjoy best of the delicious menus served in the hotel. Are always available for baby food, broths and past perfect for weaning. In addition, the hotel's kitchen is happy to prepare for the changes that the little friends require. Their well-being is also that of the staff of the hotel!

And then there are high chairs, crockery and cushions to make them feel always comfortable. The children will be treated as true princes!



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