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Amusement parks

Discover the theme Parks are affiliated with the Hotel Cosmos in Rimini

Fiabilandia and Italia in Miniatura

A few kilometers from the hotel Fiabilandia, the amusement park entirely dedicated to the children and to the world of fairy tales. A day of wizards, fairies, gnomes, and many other characters for the total entertainment of children, and to allow the greatest return children.

Italia in Miniatura park in Rimini where you can visit all of Italy in a single day, going from Rome to Milan in just a moment, while visiting Venice, and then moving to Florence in a few minutes.

Aquafan and Oltremare

TheAquafan is the most famous water park in Europe: renewed each year they are games Extreme, but also for the little ones. The famous wave pool, where the sound of the bell are re-created sea waves.

Oltremare is the park for those who want to spend a day discovering the natural world: do not miss the dolphin show every day and conquer all with their friendliness and liveliness. Each year many novelties and renewal with new animals and shows.


Mirabilandia is one of the amusement parks largest and most beautiful of the Riviera Romagnola, offers together with Mirabilandia Beach, the beauty of the 13 points of entertainment with theme shows.

The Park of Mirabilandia is divided into seven thematic areas that develop around a central lake, is completely immersed in the green vegetation, and an atmosphere truly unique for children and adults. In addition, more than 40 attractions, including some of the highest level, are really thrilling

The aquarium of Cattolica

The Aquarium of Cattolica, is a large park built inside of an old colony in the form of a naval fleet, which today houses more than 100 tanks and more than 3000 species of marine animals and not.

From sharks to otters, from crocodiles to penguins, there are many specimens to be discovered within this great structure. In the largest Aquarium of the Adriatic you can go in 4 different locations. The marine is the main where there are more than 3,000 specimens of 400 different species from all the seas.

The true welcome from Romagna

Very comfortable family-run hotel. The staff is at the complete service of your well-being; I have known for decades the owner, a brilliant person who makes you feel at ease. Recommended for everyone.

mondoacquari - Luglio 2018

Holidays with friends

We have been going to the Hotel Cosmos for years because it has always been a point of reference, a guarantee. Over the years I have brought many different people and I have always been very happy. Family atmosphere and excellent service, welcome and daily availability.

Sara D - Agosto 2018

Holidays 2018

I have been choosing the Cosmos Hotel for my holidays for years now and I have been very satisfied with it again this year. Excellent food, staff available to meet every need. Great for those with children because there is a fully equipped playground where children can play safely. Great also the pool area with many deck chairs. When you are at the Hotel Cosmos is like feeling at home. I recommend the Hotel Cosmos to spend an unforgettable holiday!

benedettadoro - Luglio 2018

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